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Protecting Data when working from home Online Training Course


How to protect data when working from home

About this course

With many organisations having to deal with remote working as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, what can you do to protect against data breach and its effect on your business reputation, employees and clients? Compliance around data protection for remote workers is vital, especially if this is your first time implementing it. We have created a comprehensive 30 minute online course to help protect you and your organisation, and we are offering it for the early bird price of €36. As it is an online course you can require every employee working from home to take the course. There is a certificate of completion for each worker who successfully completes the course. Support and training for remote staff is vital in coping with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Data breaches usually occur when staff become less careful about the risks of GDPR failure. This may be because they were never taught the procedures necessary to avoid data protection breaches, or they may have less time to consider the full range of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Working from home presents a new data protection challenge. One which must be addressed. Our course helps to address the problem in a timely and enjoyable way. It is an introductory course, so prior knowledge of GDPR rules and regulations is not required. It offers self paced learning on any device, computer, tablet, or smart phone.




    Course details: 

    • Introduction to data protection and the GDPR
    • The principles of data protection
    • Legal grounds for processing and obtaining consent
    • Data subject rights
    • Data protection responsibilities
    • Working from home. Focus on data protection

    Data breach.

    • What to do when there is a data breach
    • Dealing with the fall out.


    • Quizzes, tests of knowledge
    • Personalised Certificate of completion




    After completing this course you should have the knowledge and skills to:

    • Appreciate how GDPR is applied in your work

    • Understand the different categories of data

    • Process personal data at work , using proper procedures.

    • Outline the various roles involved in protecting data

    • Guard against data breach when working from home

    • Identify a data breach and take the next step in dealing it.




    Benefits of the course

    With the current covid-19 restrictions in place, the fact that the course is available online is essential. The course is presented using a variety of media including, video lectures, slides, reading material, quizzes and questionnaires to test and enhance the participant's knowledge of each topic. You can only move on to the next topic if you pass the previous one. Multiple attempts are allowed. A course completion certificate issues to the successful participant. This gives the individual confidence in their new skills and also proves that the employer has provided the necessary training. Proper training is essential when it comes to reducing the risks involved in GDPR.


    This protecting data when working from home course will help staff understand the importance of protecting data when they work outside the office. They will become aware of how data breaches can occur and will learn how to protect against data breach and what to do when it occurs. Now is the perfect time to create a strong culture of data protection in your organisation. Working from home can be stressful for staff. Offering them the opportunity to paarticipate in an online training course will be seen as supportive and will help dispell any sense of isolation, which can occur when home working.

    The dangers posed by phishing scams has increased in line with the numbers of employees working from home.


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