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Practice makes perfect

Code of practiceThe whole area of employment law in Ireland is a complex balance between rights and obligations. It can sometimes be difficult to know what to do in a particular situation, especially if it is new to you.

What procedure should I follow? How can I avoid making things worse? What is the right thing to do?

That is where a code of practice can prove useful.

If , as an employer, you follow the steps outlined in the relevant code of practice then you know that you have a strong defence to any legal action which may be taken. On the other hand if you fail to follow the correct procedure then you are leaving yourself and your company exposed to possible litigation.

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Can I get guidance on writing my own policies?

Create policies to suit your circumstances using our legal templates.


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Prevention is always better than cure

It can be tempting to put off doing something about your employment law obligations untill something goes wrong and deal with it then. If that happens your choices are greatly reduced, work relationships may be compromised and there will amost certainly be bad publicity.

It is better to review your situation now and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are using the most current methods of dealing with the many issues which arise regularily in Irish employment.


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