Family Friendly Policies

COVID-19 shows why they are a must

Family friendly policies in the workplace


baby at computer and banner with words family friendly policiesThe recent Corona virus COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact throughout the world. How we organise our work process has been impacted, but not always in a negative way. Remote working, working from home, the right to disconnect, are just some of the areas where advances have occurred. Employers in general have tried to support their workers through this difficult time. They have achieved this through implementing more family friendly policies. There will always be areas of work where teamwork in a centralised building is essential, but this model does not apply in every situation. The benefits of home working have been recognised and facilitated by many employers. In this article we look at the impact that family friendly policies can have in the workplace, in helping achieve a better work life balance.


Building back better

As business looks at ways to reopen, there is an ongoing desire among many to build back the workplace structures to have a better impact on all concerned. Achieving a better work life balance helps the organisation as well as the employee and their family.

Some family friendly policies

Family friendly policies are designed to enable parents be productive employees while providing for the needs of their children in a balanced way. The benefits for the employer are many. Reduced absenteeism, improved productivity,increased loyalty, retention of skilled and experienced staff, motivated workforce and a reduction in workplace stress are some of the advantages of implementing family friendly policies. In a recent survey it was noted that over 50% of Irish businesses offer some form of family friendly working arrangement. In Ireland the National Framework Committee for the Development of Family Friendly Policies is hard at work looking at ways to promote family friendly policies in a partnership approach. In the context of equality, family friendly policies help to facilitate equal access to the workplace.

A list of family friendly policies would include the following:

  • Maternity leave. For more see here
  • Breast feeding at work. For more see here
  • Parental leave. For more see here
  • Paternity leave. For more see here
  • Adoptive leave. For more see here
  • Force majeure leave. For more see here
  • Flexible working. For more see here
  • Remote working/Working from home. For more see here
  • Compassionate leave. For more see here
  • Employer provided childcare facilities. For more see here


How to create a family friendly policy

1. Examine your current employees and their lives outside the workplace

2. Prepare an anonymous survey for employees

3. What family friendly policies do your competitors offer?

4. Estimate the effects on the workplace and pay.

5. Consult and communicate with all employees regarding the family friendly policies which you are planning to implement.


Where can I get more information and help with implementing family friendly policies?

If you would like help with considering the benefits of family friendly policies in your organisation, please contact us using the orange Yes! Tell Me More button below.. We will contact you at a time that suits.




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