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The recent implementation of the Code of Practice for employers and employees on the right to disconnect has placed an onus on employers to implement a right to disconnect policy in the workplace. It is recommended to get all employees involved, to increase the chances of success. If everyone is involved, then no one can claim that they didn't know.

This course is designed to help employers and employees understand the reasoning behind the Right to Disconnect , and why it is important. In addition to learning all about the right to disconnect, they will be given examples of how work can encroach on  home time, often unintentionally. Quizzes will test the student's understanding of a right to disconnect policy and how it is implemented. The course  offers self paced learning on any device, computer, tablet, or smart phone. Each employee gets a certificate on successful completion of the course. Multiple attempts are allowed.

From an employer's point of view it reduces the risk of breaking the law and it makes for a happier and more productive, workforce .

From an employee's standpoint, it helps in the daily battle to obtain a healthy work/life balance.




    Course details: 


    • Introduction to the Right to Disconnect

    • How does the Organisation of Working Time Act apply?

    • Managing time

    • Organising Emails

    • Managing client/customer expectations

    • Effective communication



      • Quizzes, tests of knowledge

      • Personalised Certificate of completion






    After completing this course you should have the knowledge and skills to:


    • Appreciate how the right to disconnect is applied in your work

    • Understand the importance of accurate record keeping

    • Improve your time management skills.

    • Help with the continuous implementation of the right to disconnect

    • Guard against breach when emailing other employees

    • Identify a breach and take the next step in dealing it.







    Benefits of the course

    With the current covid-19 restrictions in place, the fact that the course is available online is essential. The course is presented using a variety of media including, video lectures, slides, reading material, quizzes and questionnaires to test and enhance the participant's knowledge of each topic. You can only move on to the next topic if you pass the previous one. Multiple attempts are allowed. A course completion certificate issues to the successful participant. This gives the individual confidence in their new skills and also proves that the employer has provided the necessary training. Proper training involving all employees is essential when it comes to implementing a right to disconnect policy in the workplace and avoiding any breach of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 or the Code of Practice on the right to disconnect.


    This right to disconnect course will help both staff and management  understand the importance of a good and well implemented right to disconnect policy. They will become aware of how breaches can occur and will learn how to protect against them . With the recent implementation of the Code of Practice on the right to disconnect now is the perfect time to train your staff.

    The right to disconnect is closely connected to the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 which can result in substantial penalties if it is breached.

    An an employer, you have liability for the actions of your employees if the Act is not adhered to. Proper training is the best way to reduce this liability.

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