Child care facilities at work

We examine the benefits and challenges

image of children with an adult painting and words the art of childcare in bannerWhile most employers in Ireland are not in a position to offer on-site childcare facilities to their staff, we take a look at the benefits of providing on-site childcare

  1. On-site childcare benefits everyone

    When an employer offers the convenience of on-site childcare facilities it sends a clear message to employees that they are valued and time is valuable, including their time.

  2. Increased productivity and loyalty

    Surveys reveal that employees focus more, knowing that their child is being looked after on-site. There is less separation anxiety.

  3. More employees are seeking jobs with on-site childcare.

When planning their career many employees place a greater emphasis on ease of access to childcare facilities than their predcessors did.

  1. More gender sharing of parenting role

This highlights the need to cater for parenting irrespective of gender.



On the negative side however we must consider the following:

  1. Most employers do not have the physical space to offer on-site childcare facilities.

  2. For most employers in Ireland the numbers would not sustain it.

  3. Consideration needs to be given to the liability aspect of an on-site childcare facitity.

  4. There is no tax incentive to offer it. Irish Revenue treat it as a Benefit in kind and therefore taxable.



These are just some of the matters to keep in mind when considering the provision of on-site childcare facilities


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