Ryanair flight cancellations

The lessons employers can learn


ryanair plane on runway and banner stating Time for hoildays?The recent flight cancellations by Ryanair arose mainly as a result in the change of their leave year. Ryanair had to change their leave year from April-March to January-December in order to bring it in line with IAA requirements, and Flight Time Limitations. They have also had to give increased holiday allocations to pilots and cabin crew.


This ,together with air traffic control strikes and a decline in on-time performance, has lead Ryanair management to cancel 2% of its over 2,500 daily flights, leading to an estimated €5 million in lost fares and an allocation of €20 million towards compensation for the unfortunate passangers who have suffered from these cancellations. Analysts estimate even greater figures.

Ryanair has a backlog of crew leave which must be allocated before December 31st 2017.

Lesson number 1

If you are aware that legislation is coming which will affect you. Plan in advance. See article on GDPR here

Lesson number 2

Try to implement staff leave, to maximise the benefit for your business and minimise the impact on your customers. This is something Ryanair had implemented successfully, prior to the changed leave year being imposed on them.

Lesson number 3

Try to avoid messing up in the planning of staff holidays.

In general, it pays to have an annual review of your employment law procedures and manuals to ensure that you avoid costly compensation.

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