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Paid paternity leave  

father and childWhen the recent Paternity Leave and Benefit Bill becomes law in September,(1st September 2016 ) all employers in Ireland will have to grant two weeks paternity leave to qualifying fathers in their employment.


Unfair dismissal, Fair procedure and Natural Justice

disciplinary proceduresIn this article we examine how the rules of natural justice must be applied in all employment law issues,. This is especially true when setting up and implementing disciplinary procedures. If the procedures follwed are not fair, then any dismissal following from them is unfair.Under the Unfair Dismissal Acts 1997 - 2001 all dismissals are deemed to be unfair until shown to be fair.


5 tips if you believe you have been dismissed unfairly

aarc dismissed worker3501.  Focus on the procedure which the employer followed when dismissing you.

The onus is on the employer to prove that the dismissal was fair. The majority of unfair dismissal cases are won because the employer failed to follow the correct procedure. These tips will help you identify and keep a note of the steps which your employer followed when dismissing you. Write to your employer requesting a written statement of the reasons why you were dismissed. Your employer is obliged by law to furnish this within 14 days of your request. Did you get enough notice? See Minimum Notice requirements



What have Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe Systems in common?

That's the $415 million question.

american law booksAll four Silicon Valley companies have agreed to pay $415 million to settle an antitrust employment law lawsuit.

The four companies are being sued by almost 65,000 workers who accuse them of conspiring to not hire each other's staff. The lawsuit has gained much publicity and has revealed much about the inner workings of some of the big Silicon Valley companies.

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