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When a worker refuses to return to the workplace

Dealing with COVID-19 concerns

ReturnToWorkIn this article we look at what an employer can do when an employee refuses to return to work, because of their fears about COVID-19.

We examine the impact of the National Return to Work Safely Protocol (the Protocol) and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 on the workplace for employers and employees preparing to return to the workplace.




 theELpodcast350Episode 003: Minding your business during the Covid-19 emergency







Covid-19 Can I use lay off and short time to cope with Covid-19 ?

shorttimelayoffcovidcompIn the current fight against the corona virus Covid-19 many employers thoughts are turning to the use of short time and lay off. This short guide will help employers in Ireland understand the uses and benefits of the short time and lay off provisions in Irish employment law

covid 19 comp Covid - 19,  The Corona Virus

Health & Safety at Work

As an employer in Ireland, what should I do to prepare against the Corona virus outbreak? What is my duty of care towards my employees? How do I deal with an employee who wants to self isolate? These are some of the questions we will deal with in this article on the impact of the Covid - 19 (Corona Virus) on employers and employees in Ireland. The situation regarding the corona virus Covid-19 is being updated on a daily, if not hourly basis. As an employer you need to take that into consideration and actively seek updated information on the coronavirus, and assess the risk to your business accordingly.

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