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About this course

The covid-19 pandemic continues to have a major impact on our society, in our homes and our workplaces. Now as we are working hard to restart our businesses this course is designed to help you on that journey. It now, more important than ever,that we follow the correct protocols both at work and at home, in order to keep our companies on the recovery path to economic stability. When we get our businesses open, we must do all in our power to keep them open.

This course is designed to help implement the Government's Work Safely Protocol. It is compulsory for all employers to provide an induction course as part of their return to work protocol. Successful participants will obtain a personalised certificate of participation at the end of the course. This is proof that you have complied with your legal duty in offering a covid-19 compliant return to work induction course to each of your employees.

The course is delivered online. Employees can participate via their smart phone,tablet or computer.

The standard rate for the course is €25 per staff member. Bulk discount is available. Click on the enquiry section below.




    Course details: 

    • Full understanding of the Work Safely Protocol

    • Employer and Worker responsibilities

    • COVID-19 Stopping the spread

    • COVID-19 Knowing the signs and symptoms

    • Implementing the Work Safely Protocol.


    • Quizzes, tests of knowledge
    • Personalised Certificate of completion




    On completion of your Work Safely Induction Course you will have the necessary skills in order to:

    • Clarify and implement employer and worker responsibilities regarding the Work Safely Protocol

    • Practice and encourage good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distancing in the workplace.

    • Identify the signs of COVID-19

    • Define and implement the role of the Lead Worker Representative.

    • Become familiar with the information available regarding COVID-19




    Benefits of the course

    With the current covid-19 restrictions in place, the fact that the course is available online is essential. The course is presented using a variety of media including, video lectures, slides, reading material, quizzes and questionnaires to test and enhance the participant's knowledge of each topic. You can only move on to the next topic if you pass the previous one. Multiple attempts are allowed. A course completion certificate issues to the successful participant. This gives the individual confidence in their new skills and also proves that the employer has provided the necessary training. Proper training is essential when it comes to implementing the Work Safely Protocol.


    This COVID-19 Return to Work Induction  course will help employers and employees understand the importance of protecting each other against the threat of COVID-19. They will become aware of how to implement the Work Safely protocol in their workplace. It is compulsory for workers returning to work after an absence to take an induction course.



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