grey doc Working from Home Policy

This working from home policy is designed to facilitate home working . It has been amended to reflect the current Covid-19 crisis. It is written in plain English.It covers the essential requirements for working from home. It is a two page standard working from home policy. If you require anything more complex, please contact us to discuss. (Use the blue contact button above)

You can choose to download the document only or you can choose to have it reviewed by one of our experts after you have completed it. The document comes with a useful guide on how to complete it.It comes in RTF format which is suitable for use with most word processing software, including all windows based programs.

What help is available?

The document comes with help on how to complete it. The important areas are highlighted by red text. Simply follow the instructions in red and fill in the details. When you reach the end you will have an up to date bereavement policy.

What is the expert review service?

One of our experienced experts will :

  • Review the document to ensure that it complies with your instructions
  • Examine any changes which you have made and tell you if they cause any problems
  • Fix those problems where they arise
  • Check that everything has been completed properly
  • Check the basics, like spelling mistakes etc

If you decide not to use the review service after you have drafted the document, we will give you a full refund of the price of the review service.

How do I avail of the review service?

To avail of our expert review service;

  1. Select the service with the document and complete the purchase
  2. When you have completed your document, email it to us together with any comments or queries you may have.
  3. Our expert will discuss the document with you by email
  4. The review will be carried out within three working days. (More complex documents may take a little longer)

How do I purchase the document?

Click on the paypal button. You will be brought to a secure page where you  can then purchase and download the document, together with any relevant guides and “How To” videos. You do not have to have a paypal account to use this payment method. You can use your credit/debit card. Start saving today.

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Download document only.      €12.30 (Incl VAT) 

Document + expert review.  €92.25 (Incl VAT)


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