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Employment law is an ongoing affair.

Your encounter with employment law does not end when you have recruited an employee and furnished the necessary contract of employment and workplace procedure manuals.

Challenges constantly arise in the work environment which will test your knowledge of employment law in Ireland.


How do you deal with absenteeism? What if an employee's performance is poor? A need to change work roles may arise because of a change in work available as a result of a downturn in the economy or an upturn.

What if a conflict develops between workers?

There are over thirty pieces of legislation that affect the employment scenario in Ireland. Irish employers are required to comply with each of them as the circumstances arise. You can't just ignore them. Compensation of up to two years salary may be payable in the event of a breach of employment legislation. So what can the hard pressed, time poor employer do?

If you are a large employer, you probably have your own in-house HR department to ensure that the large volume of employment law requirements are met on a daily basis.

Most Irish employers are small business owners who are directly involved in the running of the business. The solution is outsourcing. To give you the time to focus on your core business, it is important to outsource the tasks for which you do not have the necessary skill set or knowledge base. Because of the large volume of laws applicable to the areas of employment in Ireland it is very difficult for the average Irish employer to get it right every time. It makes good economic sense therefore to engage the services of a specialist employment law consultancy to help with compliance and the regular problems which arise in the workplace.

ERA employment rights advice can help your business by efficiently managing the employment law challenges that arise. We can draft employee handbooks which will provide clear guidelines for all employees and contribute to worker satisfaction. When procedures are in place, workers feel they are being dealt with fairly and managers are secure in the knowledge that they are following the recommended steps. This increases morale.

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