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The true cost of workplace conflict

Deal with it before it escalates

 Wherever humans interact there is always potential for conflict. Building a strong work team often involves selecting people with different skills and outlook. Disputes happen. How you deal with them is what makes the difference between a content, hard working workforce and a dissatisfied workforce working below par. This affects the business output and can spill into customer contact.


Be on the lookout for disputes

Early detection of workplace conflict is the key to successful dispute resolution. This starts with having a policy for dealing with disputes. Make sure that all employees are aware of it and are encouraged to follow the workplace conflict resolution policy. By dealing with a complaint when it arises through the workplace policy, you will show your employees that you are serious about providing a first class working environment, thus facilitating a first class workforce.

What happens if I don't deal with the dispute?

If you ignore the dispute it may fester and affect morale and output. It could escalate to a formal claim being made by a disgruntled employee who has been left with not alternative to the litigation route. This can result in a costly award being made against you.

By not dealing with the dispute you could be overlooking an opportunity to discover something which may be wrong in your system of work. By sorting it out you have the opportunity to show all workers that you are fair and that they are valued.

The benefits of a workplace conflict resolution policy

When conflict appears, tension increases the possibility for error. By having a well thought out workplace conflict resolution policy in place you bring order and composure to the process. This reduces the chance of making a costly mistake. Being prepared saves money and time.

Make sure your policy is up to date

If you don't have a workplace dispute resolution policy in place, get one today.

If you have one, you should make sure that it deals with as many potential conflicts as possible. There are a large number of employment laws in Ireland. Does your policy comply with all of them, including updates in law?

What to do next

Contact us for tailor made solutions to your employment law problems. We have over thirty years experience in the area of employment law in Ireland. We can help you produce a workplace conflict resolution policy to suit your individual circumstances.

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