Setting up and managing remote workers, home workers and lone workers

Time to do your homework

Home officeIf some of your employees work from home or another venue remotely then there are a number of matters to consider. Similarly the employee who works on their own on your premises.

There's no place like home

That is a true saying, and in the context of health and safety in the workplace, it poses it's own challenges. The same rules on health and safety apply in the home as in the office/ business premises. Is the workstation suitable? Is it at the right height, properly lit, correct ergonomics and more ? Are there any hazards ? You should examine the home workplace as rigorously as you would the business premises.

Is there proper insurance in place? Employer's liability, Employee's liability, Public liability.

Does the contract of employment cover home working? If not then you will have to change it. If the changes do not apply to all employees, then you may have unhappy workers.

How do you organise training for home workers? Who pays for the fit out/ up keep of the part of the home used for home working?

Communications and motivation will play an important role in the success of the home working endeavours. A secure IT environment is essential to protect business data.

What about the lone worker?

As well as all of the requirements applicable to the average employee, the lone worker may face an increased security risk. Especially if they are handling cash, or other valuable items.

Make sure that you have a policy in place to deal with working hours, data protection and emergencies. The lone worker should be familiar with this policy.

Ensure that all remote work places are safe and secure.

Regularly review the safety of your remote employees. Ask them if they feel safe and what you can do to improve safety.

If your employee works in someone else's home or business premises, you still have a responsibility to ensure that they are working in a safe environment.

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